Why is recycling important?

Before we move on to the importance of recycling, let’s know what exactly it is. Recycling is basically the process of reusing and breaking down of materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Many industries and communities have made it easy to recycle items by simply placing containers (labelled) for public use, providing large bins for home as well as recycling decorations for christmas. There are so many benefits of recycling and with new upgraded technologies it makes even more easier. This process not only benefits the environment but also gives a positive effect on the country’s economy. Recycling, be it of plastic or paper has been reported throughout human history and has come a long way. 


The question comes down to why?

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The pros of recycling are far reaching and that’s not it, everybody benefits when people adopt to recycling as an everyday habit. Be it a community effort to improve a dirty neighborhood area or to help a business which can save thousands of dollars on waste management, the benefits of a well sustained and well maintained recycling program are endless. Recycling prevents tons of materials from entering into the landfills thus saving space for waste that cannot be reused. Landfills pollute the environment which in turn affects living organisms. When you recycle, the pollutants that are released into the water and air are reduced as well. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions which is released into the atmosphere. Coming to energy, a light bulb can be powered for five hours with the energy that is saved from recycling one glass bottle. It also conserves the natural resources.

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When the taxpayers, business owners and government run proper recycling programs, they in turn would be saving money. It is possible to earn as well by collecting certain ‘approved’ materials to a recycling facility. There are many materials in today’s society that can be recycled like metals, paper, cardboard and glass. Aluminium foil and cans can be recycled and reused. The most recycled materials in America are tin and steel cans which can in turn be used as recycling decorations for christmas. 


As a human being it is our duty and responsibility to keep our environment clean. It starts from an individual. There are some recycling decorations for christmas that can also be used without shelling tons of your money. Involve yourself in some local recycling programs and make sure that you practice proper recycling habits in your own life.