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Join in this recycle week! Why because it’s worth it!

All this week, West London Waste will be promoting Recycle Week between 25th Sept – 1st Oct 2017. This year, Recycle for London’s annual recycling celebration aims to help tell the story of what everyday waste can be turned into, showing the residents of our six boroughs how easy it is to make a difference.Recycle refresh HOUNSLOW

Following a recent survey conducted by “Censuswide, statistics suggest that Londoners are struggling to see what the direct benefits of recycling are. Although 85% of residents believe that recycling makes a difference, when asked separately, more than one in five (22%) admitted they struggle to see any benefits in their day to day lives.

That’s why for this year’s recycle week, we want to help take our residents on a journey to show them what’s happening with their recycling. We’ll share all our information with you throughout the week and show you how your recycling can make a difference. We want to encourage everyone, including those recycle sceptics to make a change, why? Because it’s worth it!

You’ll find us in person at Recycling roadshows with Ealing’s Waste and Recycling team talking all things recycling, waste reduction sharing tips and tricks on how you too, can become a waste recycle champion. You can ask us any questions you’ve been dying to know, just pop by one of our events we’re holding throughout the week, and talk to our team.

  • Recycle week roadshow in Acton
  • Recycle week roadshow in West Ealing
  • Recycle week roadshow in Pitshanger Lane
  • Recycle week roadshow in Sainsburys West Ealing
  • Recycle week roadshow in Ealing Broadway

Why recycle? What difference does it make?

A question on everyone’s mind and something that some people are afraid to ask but don’t worry, we’re here to help

You may have heard the saying “What goes around, Comes around” but this just doesn’t refer to karma. The items you recycle can come back to you sooner than you think. Your recycling doesn’t just create more tins and plastic bottles but items that you may not have previously thought about – the possibilities are truly endless.

With the football season in full flow, you would be amazed to know that it only takes 20 plastic bottles to create a new football shirt. So when you’re celebrating that last minute winner, remember that new kit could be made from plastic bottles you’ve used at home.

Surprised?  That’s not the only thing your recycling could become. Take a look at what other household items that you recycle can be used for.

  • Recycled aerosol cans help create new mobile phones, so the 69% of London households who currently recycle their aerosols might soon be using them again – a fact that only 19% of Londoners are aware of!
  • The 76% of London households who recycle their cleaning product bottles may be surprised to know they can get turned into an outdoor children’s playset – something that even fewer Londoners (26%) are aware of .
  • One year’s worth of a London borough’s domestic food waste could generate enough electricity to power a local primary school for over 10 years

There’s even more ways your recycling is worth the effort, check out these videos made for recycle week, which Londoners can watch here

Start your recycling journey today!

Join the revolution and be one of the thousands of Londoners who’ll be participating during recycle week.  Check out our guides on how you can reduce your waste and recycle here

Keep a close eye on all our social media profiles because we’ll be showing everyone how they are making a difference and why recycling is worth it!  Remember if your joining in, use the #RecycleWeek and tag us in your posts, we’d love to see what you’re doing for #RecycleWeek.

Grab a seat; get comfy and tag along with us as we take you on a little recycling journey!

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