Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Get Swishing & Sewing this Summer to reduce your textile waste

Textiles in the UK

Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the UK we purchase 400% more clothing today than we did just 20 years ago, which equates to 2.15 million tonnes of clothing and shoes being bought every year. Our keen appetite for this fast fashion, throw-away culture has led to 350,000 tonnes of used textiles ending up in landfill in the UK every year. This huge amount of textile waste is estimated to be worth around £140 million annually. All this waste means that not only are we losing money but we are also losing valuable resources and damaging the environment too.

Textiles in west London

With the textile waste stream set to increase and fast fashion only getting faster, the team at West London Waste Authority have joined up with some great local community groups and organisations to put on some fun, community focused textile events to help reduce textile waste in west London! We can certainly do with showing our clothes a little bit more love! Let’s face it, you bought them so you must have loved them! If you would like to do more than just throw your pre-loved items in the bin, then why not check out one of our Swishing or Sewing events. Don’t forget, you can also recycle any unwanted textiles you have if they can’t be repaired. Check out more about textile recycling here!

Get swishing lady in dress

Get Swishing

Swishing offers an opportunity to get new-to-you clothes and give your items a new life. On average over a third of clothes in our wardrobes haven’t been worn in the last year! Swapping these unworn clothes is a great way to change up your wardrobe and our west London residents agree! In 2016/17, West London Waste Authority ran 23 textile events (swishes and sewing workshops) with nearly 2000 items dropped off for swishing, totalling approximately 700kg.

Re-use is always better than recycling and with up to 50% of  textile waste being suitable for wearing again, why not swap them for something else instead? For every tonne of cotton t-shirts re-used, 12 tonnes of CO2e are saved so West London Waste’s swishes last year saved an approximate 8.4 tonnes of CO2e.

So Get Swishing for some guilt-free shopping with that’s no cost to your wallet and great for the environment too!

Want to run your own Get Swishing event? See our website for details on how!

Get Sewing

Female fashion designer sewing jeans.

When clothes deteriorate or get broken, they are often thrown away. Through repairing/upcycling and keeping our clothes in use for longer we help protect the environment and save money! In fact, if  we used our clothes for just 9 months longer, it would reduce their water, waste and carbon footprints by up to 30%!

Our sewing workshops teach essential repair skills, extending the life of loved clothes. Repairing and upcycling textiles does not have to be complicated and sharing skills has a number of benefits to individuals and the local community. The workshops promote skill sharing of sewing abilities, reducing the knowledge gap between generations and provides an opportunity to make the most out of clothes in the face of our fast fashion, throw-away culture.

So with all these great reasons to join in why not come along to one of our upcoming textile events and see how you can get involved!

Get Sewing workshop image15th June 2017, West Ealing Library Swish with special guest speaker

4th July 2017, Get Swishing Presents Love Your Clothes Hounslow Repair Workshop

10th July 2017, Get Swishing Presents Love Your Clothes Harrow Repair Workshop

10th July 2017, Get Swishing Presents Love Your Clothes Hillingdon Repair Workshop

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