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All these new electronics, what about the ones gathering dust in your house?

These past few months all we keep seeing on our tv’s, newspapers & social media feeds is news about the latest electronic releases. The annual IFA trade conference held in Berlin is the perfect stage for companies to announce their latest product to the masses. With the wave of new electronics about to hit our houses, 4K ultra HD TV’s, new wireless sound systems & so on, it makes us think, what are you going to do with all your old electronics?

I can confess I used to be one of the many people across west London who had no clue about what I should do with my waste electricals. I would always ask myself the same questions, what do I do with the old one? Should I throw it in the bin or give it away to a friend? Usually, it just ends up gathering dust under the stairs and cluttering up my house.

Not to worry, we’ve got the answers to help you take back your home and dispose of all your waste electricals correctly.

What to do with your waste electricals (WEEE)

First of all, you should never throw your WEEE in the bin! Throwing away electricals can do more harm than help. From first hand experiences, we’ve seen waste electricals which have been thrown in the bin, cause fires at our waste transfer stations and HRRCs  That’s why it’s imperative you dispose of your WEEE correctly.Pile of TV's

Did you know stores across West London can take back your waste electricals? If you buy a new kettle, bring along your old one, even if you didn’t buy it from that shop, they have to take it back, for FREE.

Thanks to the government backed Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, companies have agreed to a take back scheme which allows consumers to give back their old electronics for them to be recycled, free of charge. One of the big names involved in the Distributor Take back Scheme (DTS) is Currys/PC World.  Having locations all over West London, we suggest you take any of your unwanted or broken small waste electricals there.

Not only can you take your electricals to stores, you can even take your batteries there. Batteries are one of the main culprits for fires across our waste transfer sites. To help prevent this, we urge you to take your batteries to your local stores or dispose of them in the appropriate bins at one of our recycling sites.

Repair workshops

Struggling to get rid of your WEEE? Help add some more years to the life to your items and take your small electronics to repair workshops thrFestival of Repair photo Projectoroughout West London. These are usually FREE events run by volunteers within the community, where you can pick up a few tricks to help extend the life of your electronics. Whether it’s a hoover that isn’t working correctly or an old toaster that refuses to heat up, bring them along and learn from other people within your community.  Interested? The next workshop is with Friends of the Earth Hillingdon, next month.  For more information click here

For all other information on what you can do with all your WEEE, visit the Electricals section of our website.

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